Vakkorama Cafe Restaurant Branding by Studio Born

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From Studio Born’s case study:

Vakkorama, known as “Turkey’s youngest fashion brand”, first opened its doors in 1982 to their flagship store in Taksim, Istanbul. With stores in almost every major city, we were asked to rebrand their infamous cafe brand known as Vakkorama Cafe. Offering a special menu, at Vakkorama Cafe many appetizing flavors come together with coffees that make you start the day enjoyable, unique desserts that will leave your taste buds and designer sandwiches accompanied by good music. Working closely with Can Hakko, we set out to create a vibrant, youthful and dynamic branding that would reflect the brands playful nature. With the motto “Where Music Meets Taste”, we created a series of fun illustrations reminiscent of vintage tattoo graphics that had food, music and fashion at its heart.

Vakkorama Cafe Restaurant Branding by Studio Born.

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