Oak bottle wine & Spirits branding by AndStudio

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This project jumped out at me partially because of the design but also the innovation of the product itself. Oak Bottle is a vessel that accelerates the aging process for wine and whisky. Instead of having to wait years for that oaky flavor to sink in, this little bottle does it in days. I won’t dig into how, but I suggest you check it out if you’re interested. 

What I love about the overall brand identity for the product is its mix of alchemy and magical elements delivered in a geometric, modern way. The linework delivers a sense of precision and perfection while being abstract enough to evoke a sense of artistry. Using the hourglass shape as a visual metaphor for time, the brand communicates the smoothness expected of a well-aged wine or whisky.

The photography is well staged and shot adding to the overall feel of the brand. It’s refined, respectful of the material, and beautifully executed.

Designed by And Studio
Photography by:  Martyna Jovaisaite

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