Spanoudis Winery branding by Cursor Design

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High contrast black and white design aesthetics are always so refreshing to me. There exists a certain level of confidence and refinement that comes through on subliminal layers just by employing those monochromatics. They allow finishing techniques and materials to absolutely shine through in all their glory. And that is what drew my eye to the branding and packaging work for Spanoulis Winery by Cursor Design.

Spearheaded by a splatter-brush style “V”, the winery’s Ventum wine packaging demands attention. It’s supported by a beautiful lustrous silver logotype that creates a strong statement.

The haphazardness of the main V element is supported by a highly structural design grid that delivers the factual information about the wine. This creates a lovely counterpoint making the overall composition intriguing.

Designed by Cursor Design
Photography by Michael Koronis

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