Mask Mints branding & packaging by Deuce Studio

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As a way to cope with the side effects of the Pandemic, the team at Deuce Studio launched a fun pet project. 

“Due to the pandemic, the introduction of wearing masks on public transport meant that, unfortunately, many of us were left tasting our own breath whilst commuting or traveling in between meetings.  Deuce Studio decided to address the need for an easy, on-the-go solution for the dreaded mask breath. Our idea was to create Mask Mints, a convenient pocket-sized solution with professional, time-poor commuters in mind.”

The design solution is an exercise in industrial era aesthetics made anew. With classic pen and ink illustrations ala gravure printing style, and typography that nods to vintage packaging, Mask Mints took shape as a refreshing brand to alleviate the negative pressures of lockdowns and masking.

Designed by Deuce Studio

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