The Keys of Niemcza wine branding by Foxtrot Studio

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Foxtrot Studios has produced a gorgeous lineup of wines for The Keys of Niemcza. This suite of wines is available only in the hotels of the parent company throughout Poland. Foxtrot Studios approach to the design is simple, yet strong. Relying on classic design principles and finish techniques, the team brings to life a luxury brand that grabs the eye.

A vintage skeleton key serve as the core of the brand’s identity. At the top of the key is a stylized monogram of the letter N. Below it is a spindle-shaped stem that sets the visual look and feel for the rest of the label. This key serves as a design anchor for the full suite where the team uses color to denote wine varietal.  The result is a beautiful ribbonization that stands confident in its design.

Designed by Foxtrot Studio
Photography by Adrian Chytry

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