Katsioulis bakery restaurant branding by Cursor Design

Katsioulis is one of the oldest bakery brands in Athens, Greece. Reaching its fourth decade of operations saw the desire to freshen up the brand and experience. They tapped Cursor Design to help realize a new expression.

The brand is spearheaded by an “early bird” rooster mark chock full of symbolism. A spokesperson for the studio explained the various metaphors: “The logo integrates numerous partial symbolisms, among them a wooden shovel and the prow of a gondola, depicting the fresh hot baked goods and the Italian coffee respectively.”

From this epicenter of the brand springs beautifully stark layouts and design elements anchored by a simple graphic device: a triangle. The triangle has the flexibility to shift colors that complement the gold found in the core logo while establishing a unique, confident language.

The only criticism I have is that the logo tends to be “slapped” on things and the style of the rooster mark isn’t explored anywhere else. The identity could be even stronger if the exploration were to take place. However, this is still strong work.

Designed by Cursor Design
Photography by Nakel Studio

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  1. Katsioulis Bakery’s logo is so beautifully done and stands strong alone. It’s super cool that their identity can explore any color really and it will still fit within the brand due to the simplicity of the triangle color blocking.

    Agreeing with Joseph, I would also love to see some more extensions of the brand — maybe some secondary logos, implementations in the store space, etc. Could even be something as easy as a bakery item box sticker, or how they’d treat the menu design, or a set of iconography that matches the style of the logo. Another thing I would love for them to explore and implement more is their tagline, “Not Just a Bakery” — why are they not just a bakery, what makes them different, tell us why. I feel like a good way this can be done is through any additional messaging the brand has whether is be signage, or social, or website content.

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