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Every week, we chat with the world’s most influential restaurant, hospitality, food and beverage leaders about hot button topics, ideas, and trends. 

Podcast episode with Bobby Shaw of Sheridan's Unforked Podcast

Forktales Ep 19 / Bobby Shaw / COO of Sheridan’s Unforked, Host of Cutting Onions Podcast

Podcast episode with Scott Conant, cookbook author and celebrity chef Podcast

Forktales Ep 18 / Scott Conant / Cook, Chef, Author of Peace, Love, and Pasta

Podcast episode with Adam Knight of Knowing Hospitality Podcast

Forktales Ep 17 / Adam Knight / Founder of Knowing Hospitality & Proliferator or Principles

Podcast Episode with Jenifer Kern of Qu POS Podcast

Forktales Ep 16 / Jenifer Kern / CMO of Qu, Lover of Restaurant Technology

Podcast Episode with Ricky Raman of Peachstate Hospitality Group Podcast

Forktales Ep 15 / Ricky Raman / COO of Peachstate Hospitality Group & F&B Visionary

Podcast episode with Stratis Morfogen of Brooklyn Dumpling Shop Podcast

Forktales Ep 14 / Stratis Morfogen / Founder of Brooklyn Dumpling Shop & No-BS-Taker from Cyber Bullies

Podcast episode with Tom DuFore of Big Sky Franchise Team Podcast

Forktales Ep 13 / Tom DuFore / President of Big Sky Franchise Group, and Franchise Guru

Tuyet Nhi Le and Di Dang of Happy Endings Hospitality Podcast

Forktales Ep 12 / Di Dang & Tuyet Nhi Le / Leaders at Happy Endings Hospitality, Playful Tricksters

Podcast episode with Andrew Gruel of Slapfish Restaurants Podcast

Forktales Ep 11 / Andrew Gruel / Founder of SlapFish, Challenger of Seafood Lies

Podcast episode with Danny Klein, editor of QSR Magazine Podcast

Forktales Ep 10 / Danny Klein / Editor at QSR & FSR Magazine

Podcast episode with Azzi Kashani of Impact Museums Podcast

Forktales Ep 09 / Azzi Kashani / Hotel Leader & Hospitality Nerd

Podcast episode with Paul Macaluso of Another Broken Egg Café Podcast

Forktales Ep 08 / Paul Macaluso / President of Another Broken Egg Café, Master Helmsman in the Pandemic